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/ hɛdˈz / people who are immersed in a particular subculture

We are a collective of like-minded individuals

We are immersed in the world around us, 24/7

We live and breathe tech, media, and gaming culture

We are cultural insiders. We are headz

Our mission is to deliver outstanding insight in partnership with the world’s leading tech, media, and gaming brands

Headz is an insight and strategy collective, specialising in tech, media, and gaming


We’re a collective, not an agency

Headz is a collaborative network of independent researchers, strategists, and consultants

We’re based across Europe, North America, and Asia, and we work around the world

We’re a new kind of insight partner

Headz combines the agility, transparency, and efficiency of the independent researcher, with the reach, capability, and rigour of the agency. We use an ad hoc model for an ad hoc industry – and we think that makes good business sense

We are agile, honest, and efficient. We embrace new ways of working, and new ways of partnering with clients

We are experts in tech, media, and gaming

Our name is a reference to the cultural insiders who live and breathe different subcultures: Hip Hop headz, Sneakerheadz, Metalheadz

We live and breathe tech, media, and gaming culture. We specialise in qualitative insight and brand strategy, and we partner with best in class agencies for quantitative research, analytics, and semiotics

We are fresh, off-centre, and proud to be different

We are cultural insiders. We are headz

Hadley Coull



Hadley has 20 years’ experience in international qualitative research, working around the world and across categories and methodologies

He has specialised in tech, media, and gaming research for the last 10 years, and has built strong relationships with clients such as BBC, Google, PlayStation, Sega, Capcom, Activision, Skype, Yamaha, and Microsoft

Hadley is an expert on brands, audiences, and technology. He has a wealth of experience in brand strategy, communications, and product development

Liza Murphy

Liza runs Wilding Insight, a consumer insights and brand strategy studio located in Brooklyn, New York. She works with clients such as Netflix,, Aol, and Barnes & Noble

Nick Bullman

Nick has 15 years’ agency and clientside experience, working on international insight and innovation projects with clients such as Nintendo, Ubisoft, Sega, Bethesda, Capcom, Eidos, SCEE, 505, and Jagex

Natasha Rastegar

Natasha has 9 years’ experience in strategic insight, including work on media consumption in the Middle East, and smartphone development in China. Natasha has lived in UK, Mexico, and France, and she currently resides in the US

Will Eglington

Will, Founder at Adam’s Egg, has been helping brands define and connect with their audiences around the world for more than 20 years. He’s worked with clients such as EA, Activision, Disney, PlayStation, Sony, Twitter, Facebook, HBO, Apple, Microsoft, and Skype

Kitzy Sutherland

Kitzy, an independent consultant at Kahani, has over 12 years’ experience working around the world in human insight and cultural strategy. She helps brands unlock new ways of creating genuine connections, be that via tech to make banking intuitive, through to choosing personalised skincare!

Simon Cochrane

Simon has worked in consumer insight and cultural strategy for 10 years. He has worked across categories and markets, including three years spent living in China. He is also the Head of Insight at Reprezent, a radio station and youth engagement platform based in South London

Aubree Nichols

Aubree has over 15 years’ experience in uncovering powerful insights to build brands such as Apple, Kraft, J&J and Olay. She has an MA in Organizational Change Management and is currently writing her first book, ENOUGH

Alexandre Richard

Based in Paris, Alexandre has 14 years’ experience across advertising and research. He’s worked in China, France and US, and he has conducted research in over 25 markets, working with clients such as Hewlett-Packard, Nissan, Estée Lauder, and Sanofi

David Burrows

David is the Founder of Zoetrope, an insight-driven brand and communications consultancy, with a focus on managing brand meaning and provoking behaviour change. David has partnered with some of the world’s most influential organisations, including the BBC, Facebook, and Google

Dee de Lara

Dee is based in Toronto and New York. She has 15 years’ experience in human insights and strategic storytelling, including work on technology needstates for Google, the role of social media in consumer journeys for Twitter, the future of TV content for MTV, and the rise of e-sports for YouTube

George Byrne

George has worked in research and insight for over 10 years. He has lived in New York and Singapore, and now resides in London. He predominantly works with music, lifestyle and tech brands such as Spotify, The New Yorker, YouTube and Sailor Jerry


The collective is comprised of around 15 senior strategists, and also draws from informal networks comprising hundreds of insight professionals around the world